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This is list of colours and colour codes used on the Discovery 3 (LR3) and Discovery 4 (LR4).

Numeric Letter Name D3/LR3 D4/LR4
LRC731 LQW Adriatic Blue tick.png cross.png
LRC866 HGY Aintree Green cross.png tick.png
LRC909 NCL Alaska White tick.png cross.png
LRC696 CDX Alveston Red tick.png cross.png
LRC962 MBH Arctic Frost tick.png cross.png
LRC916 NAU Atacama Sand tick.png cross.png
LRC823 JBL Bali Blue cross.png tick.png
LRC912 JEB Baltic Blue cross.png tick.png
LRC756 HZL Belize Green tick.png cross.png
LRC659 LAL Bonatti Grey tick.png cross.png
LRC822 AAD Bournville tick.png tick.png
LRC796 JGJ Buckingham Blue tick.png tick.png
LRC849 JEU Cairns Blue tick.png cross.png
LRC603 NAL Chawton White tick.png cross.png
LRC868 CAH Firenze Red cross.png tick.png
LRC867 NDH Fuji White cross.png tick.png
LRC821 HAC Galway Green tick.png tick.png
LRC734 HZB Giverny Green tick.png cross.png
LRC863 MEN Indus Silver cross.png tick.png
LRC824 GAQ Ipanema Sand cross.png tick.png
LRC920 MWE Izmir Blue tick.png
LRC697/967 PNF Java Black tick.png cross.png
LRC799 HFU Keswick Green tick.png cross.png
LRC862 HHP Kosrae Green cross.png tick.png
LRC963 JMB Lugano Teal tick.png cross.png
LRC826 JCK Marmaris Teal cross.png tick.png
LRC846 GAN Maya Gold tick.png cross.png
LRC825 AAJ Nara Bronze cross.png tick.png
LRC??? LJZ Orkney Grey cross.png tick.png
LRC889 CBK Rimini Red tick.png tick.png
LRC820 PAB Santorini Black tick.png tick.png
LRC834 MBP Siberian Silver cross.png tick.png
LRC907 LEL Stornoway Gray tick.png tick.png
LRC820 PBF Sumatra Black cross.png tick.png
LRC761 EMC Tangiers Orange tick.png cross.png
LRC904 HFY Tonga Green tick.png tick.png
LRC751 HES Vienna Green tick.png cross.png
LRC737 MVC Zambezi Silver tick.png cross.png
LRC798 MBK Zermatt Silver tick.png cross.png