Part Numbers - D3 Common

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Far from exhaustive, this is just a list of D3 part numbers saved for future reference. It should serve as a starting point at least. Do check the part is right for your model and MY. If in doubt, check with the parts department at your local dealer.

JUE000505 - Rear aircon blanking
Parking Sensors
YDB500311PMA - front parking sensor (90 degree to avoid washer bottle)
YDB500301PMA - parking sensor
FYC500040 - Spring clips used for securing dash panels etc
BTR2985 - Bonnet insulation clip
Bumper, wheel arches, sills etc - try Advanced Factors Guide
LR038299 - Instrument cluster bezel (Perspex)
Door Seals
LR015154 - Front door seal (the one on the door)
LR037755 - Front door seal (the one in the body opening)
HGB500032 - Front seat cushion (foam)
LR020472 - Glove box bump stops
LR072537 - AMK Compressor Kit
Rear ARB - Bolt FT110206 Bush LR015336 Clamp RBU000281
Front ARB - Nut FY112056 Bush LR015339 Clamp RBU500100