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Fitment needs work! Martin 14:21, 4 March 2008 (UTC)

Smoke from the front of the vehicle?

Outside air temp below 6 degrees C? Engine temp less than 75 degrees C? Low fuel warning light NOT on?

Then don't worry, its the Webasto Fuel Burning heater starting up.

The function of the heater is to assist the very efficient TDV6 to warm up on cold starts, by burning diesel fuel to directly heat the coolant in the engine. One problem with modern diesels is that they are so efficient that they don't produce enough heat to warm the coolant enough to ensure efficient running.

When it starts (after about 1 minute from initial engine start) it will emit some smoke and steam from the front of the front left wheelarch. As the FBH reaches max power, it will burn cleanly with no smoke. You should not see smoke for more than a minute or so. You should see the smoke emitting from a small exhaust is the front of the wheelarch.

You cannot control the operation of the FBH (unless you have modified it), it is fully automatic.