FBH Diagnostic Loom

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Thank you for buying an FBH diagnostic loom!

  • Connection guide for the diagnostic looms: click here
  • NOTE: diagnostic looms are now supplied with additional pins on PINK or YELLOW and WHITE wires to connect to the vehicle's 8 pin plug. These are NOT USED on any pre-2012 Model Year car. On 2012MY onwards D4 and Range Rover Sport, also connect PINK or YELLOW to pin 4 and WHITE to pin 7 as well as BLUE to pin 5. This will allow the FBH to be started with the Thermo Test software. The CAN connections are not needed if only carrying out fault reading/clearing or individual component testing.
  • If you have 2012MY onwards vehicle and a diagnostic loom without the extra CAN wires coming out of the 8 pin connector you can request a free upgrade kit. Please send us an email
  • For the L322 Range Rover, the inner wheel arch liner has to be removed to access the FBH. The pin on the BLUE wire (fuel dosing pump) should be inserted into pin 6 on the vehicle's 6 pin plug.

CAN Upgrade Kit Installation

Installation instructions PDF: click here

The video for installing the CAN upgrade loom is here:

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjF63LXl-xU