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Common Topics

Discovery 4 / LR4

  • Workshop Repair Manual - Comprehensive workshop repair manuals for the Discovery 4 / LR4 vehicle broken into chapters includes 2.7L Lion TDV6 diesel, 3.0L Lion TDV6 diesel, 4.0L V6 petrol and 5.0L V8 petrol engines vehicles.
  • Maintenance Check Sheets - Maintenance Check Sheets to suit Discovery 4 / LR4 vehicles.
  • Documents - various documents to suit Discovery 4 / LR4 vehicles including Owner Manual, Routine Service Replacement schedule, Approved Vehicle Programme Multi-Point Inspection Check List Appendix and LR4 2012 MY Maintenance Schedule.
  • 8 speed shift lock solenoid problems
  • Tailgate Manual Release

Discovery 3 / LR3

Sankey Trailers

Parts Catalogue on LRSeries Website

Zipped Copy for downloading