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Greetings from ……………… heading west!
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Final few pics from flight back. It was our first flight in an A380, upper deck, and even managed to get a few hours sleep.

Great views of the gazillions of ships at anchor of Singapore beachfront.

Click image to enlarge

About halfway through the trip the predicted map showed we might appear on a few Rooskie radar screens as we’d be a might close to Crimea.

Click image to enlarge

We did have another a/c between us and them so in true Top Gun style they would pop chaff and flares for us, saving the day.

Click image to enlarge

But in reality we skirted the N Turkish coast, well clear of the war zone.

Click image to enlarge

Booooooootiful sunrise.

Click image to enlarge

With a bit of a view over the beaches of the Black Sea.

Click image to enlarge

Then back in the ground off the a/c like rats out the trap, well after the Suites (1st Class) peeps anyway.

Click image to enlarge

It was a long flight and seats in biz class were reasonably comfy when as a seat, but as a “bed” it wasn’t that great as the footwell was at a bit of an angle so you had to sleep shaped like a boomerang. Plus after a few hours couldn’t get back to sleep due to someone breathing so loudly it has to be verging on snoring, and no it wasn’t SWMBO. Food was pretty good, wine was good as was service.

Didn’t manage to stay up past 5pm last night, and awake from 2am, good old jet lag but at least we’ve been heading W so easier to get over. Next major jolly is a 13 1/2 hour flight heading E, that’s going to be fun!

It was a great trip, lots of new places, experiences and things explored. It’s strange to be back in our own bed and sitting on our own sofas, plus nice to have somewhat high front lawn cut! Embarassed Both cars fired into life without an issue (Skippy the Skoda was on a CTEK and Jazz just had the +ve batt terminal removed) and a foot high pile of junk mail waiting on us. Just got to wait a few hours until the country wakes up, Jazz needs an MOT and Skippy needs his winter tyres changed. They say there’s a heat wave this w/end, suppose that means just one fleece! Rolling with laughter Rolling with laughter

Thanks for following folks, it’s back to normality for the mo, but watch this space. Thumbs Up
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